Man Must Leave New Zealand Due To Being Overweight

BBC News reports that a South African man has not had his work visa renewed due to his 286 pound weight posing a potential drain on health care resources. To make matters worse, the man has lost weight since he first moved to New Zealand.

That said, things can always be worse, so here are:

3 Worse Things Than Being Forced To Leave New Zealand 

1. Being forced to leave New Zealand due to your weight, and then also being told you weight too much to fly on any airline. The good news is swimming from New Zealand to any other country may lead to weight loss!

2. Being forced to leave New Zealand for not knowing enough about Lord of the Rings trivia with the deportation order given to you by Gandalf, whoever that is.

3. Being forced to leave New Zealand to go to Australia via boomerang, and continually arriving back in New Zealand.

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  1. The article doesn’t specify the man’s line of work – but his work visa may have been legitimately revoked due to extra weight if he was working as a jockey, acrobat, or a ballet dancer.



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