Not The Worst News Predicts Some Battleground States

Colorado – Legal pot and related tax revenues. Sounds like an interesting business plan for a self-proclaimed successful businessman to run as the “Law and Order” candidate. We’re guessing the base of viewers of reruns of Law and Order live in Florida, so we predict Colorado goes to Clinton.

Pennsylvania – You can see the recently shuttered Trump Taj Mahal from Philadelphia’s backyard, in the same way you can see Russia from Sarah Palin’s backyard. Perhaps Trump should have gone with a Russian-themed casino, given his kind words for Putin. Would make more sense than a Persian Taj Mahal design theme when Trump has a lot of complaints about Iran’s deal, don’t you think? Definitely Clinton.

North Carolina – So some people here are very certain who they want in specific bathrooms. So we’re guessing the same people don’t want male pageant or United States’ Presidents wandering around dressing rooms at Miss Teen Universe Pageants. Advantage Clinton.

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