Wassup? Facebook Buying Whatsapp!

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $19 billion in cash and stock. 3 Questions That Arise From This Story 1. Are the Budweiser “Wassup” former ad stars crying in their beer? “Wassup!?!” They might exclaim… Read More ›

To Celebrate Its 10th Bday, Facebook Gives Users A Personalized Video Gift, Which Is Better Than The Gift Other Companies Are Giving (Namely, Your Credit Card Number To Hackers)

The Street and the internet report that Facebook is now giving a video montage of important moments in your Facebook using history set to music. To see yours, click on https://www.facebook.com/lookback 3 Things We Would Have Liked To See In A Facebook Video… Read More ›

Facebook May Pay You Ten Dollars If You Fill Out A Form… Or May Not… Making Deciding Whether To Fill Out The Form As Fun As Trying To Predict The Future Value Of Facebook Stock

Buzzfeed reports that Facebook has settled a class-action lawsuit alleging that Facebook illegally put American users’ images in sponsored stories without their consent. Under the settlement, users may get $10 if they fill in a claim form, but if claims exceed… Read More ›