NY Times: Apple Rumor On “Secret” App Not Actual Fact

The New York Times reports that a rumor on an anonymous App called “Secret” turned out to be fake. Specifically Apple’s new EarPods will not be able to monitor your blood pressure.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “This makes my blood pressure boil… or does it? I can’t tell because my earphones don’t check my blood pressure.”

2. “So writing fiction on anonymous apps is a way to get in the New York Times, now, huh?” Yes, but unfortunately not on the non-fiction bestseller list. That requires a book that takes hours to read about how high-frequency traders rip you off in fractions of seconds.

3. “How do I sign up for this ‘Secret’ App? Is it a “secret?” Ironically, no – available in the iTunes store according to the New York Times.

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