Students Trick Yacht’s Navigation System. Interestingly, This Is Not How The Kardashians Ended Up In A Yacht All The Way In Greece On Their Show Last Night.

The Houston Chronicle reports that a professor and some University of Texas students were able to take control of an $80 million dollar yacht by overriding the yacht’s GPS signals with fake signals. All of this was done with the yacht owner’s permission, making this news story less funny, and requiring us to deliver the comedy.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Do we see a plot point opportunity here for a movie called Titanic 3? This sounds like a job for the Asylum studios, makers of such fare as Sharknado and Titantic 2. It’s fair to say we want to know the complete back story for the inevitable Titantic 4 vs. Sharknado.

2. We wonder if the “navigation system” was someone’s boyfriend who refuses to ever ask for directions. You know what we’re talking about, ladies, right?

3. We also wonder how yacht navigation systems work. “Travel 100 miles towards the blue water, then turn left at the blue water.” Does the fact we asked this mean we didn’t pass our boating license exam?

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