Daytona Beach Long Weekend = Get Rich Or Die Tryin’

This CNN news quote sums up everything you need to know about U.S. Memorial Day weekend 2020:

“Social distancing was forgotten in Daytona Beach, Florida, on Saturday when a man apparently making a rap video threw money from atop a car into the crowd on a main thoroughfare, authorities said.”

This raises the question, what qualifies as “apparently making a rap video?”

Come on, who hasn’t watched pandemic monetary policy create hyperinflation and thrown all their money out of the sunroof of their LEXUS at yet another crowd in a pandemic and then get accused of “apparently making a rap video”?

Everyone knows that the only time to apparently make a rap video by handing out money in Florida is during the Drake video for God’s Plan in Miami.

Since that was a huge success, we advise against copying someone else’s idea while also endangering everyone who happens to think it’s prudent to be in a crowd on a “main thoroughfare” during a pandemic.

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