Dr. Ben Carson Raises Over $30 Million, Bernie Sanders Raises More Than Any Republican At $41.2 Million.

Yahoo Finance reports that Hillary Clinton leads all Presidential candidates in known donations received at over $75 Million.  Bernie Sanders was second, and Dr. Ben Carson had a surprising $30 million.

3 Lessons Learned From This Story

  1. Americans will give their money to anyone. Anyone. Is Dr. Demento still alive? Because if so, we suggest sending him money to say zanier stuff than Dr. Ben Carson.
  2. This may explain why nobody delivered a bucket of KFC chicken to us after sending $25 to who we thought was Colonel Sanders.
  3. Enjoy your hundreds of millions of dollars of political attack ads (does not apply to people who cut their cable cords, Netflix users, anyone who fast forwards the commercials on DVRs.  Basically anyone who uses technology from this millennium).

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  1. I’m not surprised Carson got $30 million. Do you know how expensive brain surgery is?


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