Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s this website about?

It takes real news stories and blog entries and makes light of them, so you feel better knowing that whatever you just saw on cable news is Not The Worst News.

2. Where is this website written?

In the Worse Situation Room.

3. I can’t find my keys. Where are they?

They’re in your pants.

4. Why didn’t my comment get published on an entry’s message board?

It probably got picked up by the spam filter, especially if you put a link to your own web site. Spam filters don’t like that. If you expect your spam to get through here, it better stand out and be funny, in which case we may write a funny article about it.

5. Can I nominate you for an award, which is really more of a chain letter, that requires nominating 10 other bloggers for the same award, and probably doesn’t really exist?

Absolutely! We will decline your nomination, but hopefully write a comedic entry based on your own blog in appreciation.

6. I subscribe to this blog by email and notice you make a lot of typos!

Yes we do, and although the blog is proofread before publishing entries, mistakes aren’t usually noticed until after an entry is published. That’s why you should always visit the site to see the most accurate, up-to-date versions of entries. And yes, we are saying that because we want to increase page views!

7. I don’t know how to click on hyperlinks and will tell everyone on Reddit how stupid they are for believing the news stories here. Not really a question since I don’t read frequently asked questions. 

We always name the sources for our stories, unless the news is so wildly disseminated, witnessed by us, or breaking, in which case you can fact check it on a search engine. We’ll help you with fact-checking – you were correct when you said “Not really a question.”

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