Swedish Police Chase Aborted After Cop Drives Over Police Spike Mat

The Local reports that cops in Sweden had to end a car chase after a Swedish police car drove over a police spike mat intended to puncture the tires of the suspect’s car being pursued.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Did nobody follow the simple 15-page IKEA Police Spike Mat/Meat Mincer Assembly Instructions?  Page 13 clearly has a picture of a happy stick figure cop with an obvious “do not drive your own Saab police cruiser over this” symbol.

2. You called off the entire chase after one cruiser punctured a few tires? If word gets out, people caught stealing IKEA nails, screws, and Christmas tree-shaped cookie-dough cutters will now have an incentive to throw these items out of their car windows, to thwart any police chase.

3. Will Sweden ever stop manufacturing police car tires made of happy-but-easily-deflated-balloons? Hey, what kind of person asks a question like that on Christmas, so close to New Year’s celebrations? If you weren’t being such a Debbie Downer, you might realize that while those balloons may not be good on the road, no police cruisers float through the Baltic Sea better than Swedish-balloon-tire cruisers!

Merry Christmas From Not The Worst News!

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2 replies

  1. Sweden may only have one police car in a given location.


  2. It is hard to recruit officers to drive cars made of ice.


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