Your Kid Will Love Wearing This Shirt With “NERD” Printed On It!


We saw this display in a store front window today, featuring a child-sized mannikin.

Three Questions That Arise From This Display

1. Why is there no “World’s Best Mom” T-Shirt in the display? Because the world’s best mom is busy not thinking “My nerdy kids will love wearing this in gym class, which I will force them to do, because I certainly know more about fashion than them, since they are nerds, after all.”

2. What did the garments that were not selected for the display say? We want to know if kids’ briefs with “Wedgie” written on the back did not make the cut.

3. Perhaps this is meant to be worn ironically? Is it ironic if a school yard bully wears a t-shirt with “NERD” written on it, perhaps while giving a wedgie to the kid in the Superman shirt in the display? Yes, that would be ironic. However, if bullies were actually paying attention to the definition of “irony” in English class, they would themselves be knowledgeable enough to qualify as nerds by their own definition, meaning the shirt could not possibly be worn ironically by them.

However, if you are ironically wearing a nerd shirt out of nerd pride, we congratulate you on your confidence. Now please convince people climate change is a thing, since some people don’t seem to like to listen to those nerd scientists. Oh, and maybe consider a Generra Hypercolor T-Shirt from the 1980s, because when you show them touching a shirt will change its color, they will never question science again! Or they might press the letters of the word “NERD” on your hypercolor shirt, in which case you could have saved time and money by buying the shirt in this display.

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2 replies

  1. Why wait to find out if your kid will be bullied at school when you can sign him up to be a victim yourself?


  2. That’s probably the latest brainstorm from the “I’m with Stupid” t-shirsts


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