Calling 9-1-1 To Ask Why Your Date Stood You Up Is Not A Good Idea, Unless You Consider Making The News For Doing That To Be A Good Idea.

QMI Agency reports that a man from Montreal, Quebec, phoned 9-1-1 after taking a bus to far-away Barrie, Ontario, where he was stood up for an online date. Specifically, the man became angry and demanded that police find out why he had been stood up.

The police reportedly suggested he calm down and reminded him of the proper purpose of 9-1-1.

3 Worse Things That Could Have Ruined The Man’s Day

1. He could have realized the potential date lied to him when she said her phone number was (911) 555-1212.

2. He could have “learned” the proper purpose of 9-1-1, phoned the regular police phone number, and received a $1,000 long distance bill, while police officers transferred him for hours to different police officers who needed a good laugh.

3. The date could have been with the 9-1-1 operator, which would have been awkward, especially if he was phoning for emergency medical treatment for a “broken heart.”

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  1. Very funny. I particularly enjoy #3. I think it would make a good movie scene.

    This also made me think of the “Monk” episode where he was caring for a baby and Monk called 9-1-1 when the child had a particularly explosive bowel movement. Now that was some television!


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