Face Cream Made From Baby Foreskins? We’re Sceptical – We’ll Have To Wait And See What Oprah Thinks!

The Toronto Sun reports that in Vancouver, Canada, an event featuring Oprah Winfrey drew protestors because Oprah allegedly endorses face cream made from baby foreskins.

Huh? What? From the article:

“Advertisements for SkinMedica say Winfrey has described the product as her ‘magic fountain of youth and miracle wrinkle solution…’

The makers of SkinMedica have said they use foreskin fibroblast — a piece of human skin used as a culture to grow other skin or cells.”

As surprising as this product may sound, remember, this is Oprah… here are…

3 Other Ridiculous Things Oprah Has Endorsed

1. The self-“help” book “the Secret.” Spoiler alert: the secret is that if you just imagine good stuff will happen, like getting a good parking space at the mall, you will really get that positive outcome. Even on National-Close-Every-Mall-Parking-Lot-To-Repaint-The-Yellow-Lines Day!

Reason the Secret is not true: we are currently imagining Oprah going off the air, and taking all of her Lance Armstrong interviews that have spilled over from her OWN network to real network TV, yet her network still exists!

2. The Microsoft Surface. As we mentioned here, her endorsement might have been more believable had she not Tweeted it from an iPad. But if you’ve ever visited a Microsoft store and tried to type on the rigid plastic cover/keyboard, it may be understandable why she chose to use the iPad.

3. John Of God. If you want to help make Oprah potentially wealthier through increased web traffic, you can click here, to see a bit of her show’s John of God story, presented at a minimum as if it was possible that his story is true. John Of God is a Brazilian resident who apparently “miraculously” “heals” people by not touching them, or doing the opposite by scrapping their eyes, shoving things up their noses, and from the video, he also seems to like to touch women’s breasts. Many of which procedures some claim are old carny tricks. Since Oprah apparently didn’t feature any carnys in her story, we hope Oprah some day endorses the carnival game that involves throwing baseballs into a basket on an angle, because we always love to hear about easy-prize-winning-schemes!

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  1. Oprah may have more money than God, but, contrary to popular opinion, she is not God herself.


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