Texas Rangers Warn Of Dangers Of Doing The Wave

Newslook reports that the Texas Rangers posted a message during a Major League Baseball game, banning “the wave.” Specifically, the message said:

“Attention: due to amount of injuries sustained in this ballpark… State of Texas medical officials are advising that persons should not attempt doing the wave at any time during games.”

This is one of those stories we assume is a prank, but just in case they mean it, here are:

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Are they doing it wrong? Answer: if the wave results in waves of oil gushing through the stadium, causing patrons to slip and fall: yes.

2. Just how good is the state of health care in your state when officials are recommending not to stand up and raise your hands and sit back down? Or alternately, is the real issue high temperatures leading to noxious body odor fumes?

3. Does the definition of “persons” include corporations? Mascots? Players? As explained earlier, we could see how an oil company could make the wave dangerous. But the mascots and players are supposed to set an example for athleticism. Then again, the Rangers mascot is a horse, and teaching other horses to buck their front legs in confined areas would probably set a bad example for safety.


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