Scientists: There’s Enough Water To Fill 3 Oceans Beneath The Earth

The Guardian reports that scientists have found rock layer 400 miles beneath the Earth may contain three times more water than the world’s oceans.

3 Frequently Asked Questions That Arise From This Story

1. “Is 600 miles below Earth a good place to take a cruise at this time of year?” We don’t know, but we bet it’s less likely to get food poisoning on a cruise ship down there.

2. “Does the song ‘Under The Sea’ need to be revised to reflect the fact that there is a new sea under the sea?” Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a sequel to a Disney movie. But will Disney risk over-using a character or brand they own? We’ll let you know if they produce Star Wars: The Musical.

3. “Does this mean I should not frack for natural gas 600 miles below the Earth?” Yes, it is probably a good idea not to break the rocks full of three oceans.

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