Woman Arrested In 2014 For Not Returning Monster-In-Law To Video Store In 2005

CNN reports that a South Carolina woman was arrested Thursday and spent a night in a Pickens County jail due to an outstanding warrant after she failed to return a VHS copy of the movie Monster-In-Law that she rented in 2005.

Guess there were slim pickin’s at the video store in 2005, and slim pickin’s of people to arrest in Pickens County in 2014.

3 Worse Things The Woman Could Have Been Arrested For

1. Failing to return a LaserDisc copy of the Fugitive. That would have meant she totally didn’t learn anything about avoiding arrest from the movie. Also, good luck trying to find a player to watch that on any time in 2014.

2. Having bad taste in movies. Was supporting this 2005 Jennifer Lopez flick really encouraging Hollywood to produce better movies when she was fresh off the 2003 bomb Gigli?

3. Giving the movie to her mother-in-law to return, who forgot to return the movie but said that she did. In addition to being ironic, she would not have been sending a positive, subtle message by asking her mother-in-law to do that.

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  1. Must not be much crime down there – an outstanding warrant for a videotape? Was the queue getting too long waiting for it?


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