We Continue Our Coverage Of The Alleged Facebook Burglar

Yesterday, we wrote about an alleged burglar who allegedly logged into Facebook while robbing a house, and was caught after forgetting to log out of his account.

3 More Dumb Things A Thief Could Do On Social Media While Robbing A House

1. Log into MySpace and intentionally not log out, because, hey, you have to try to attract new MySpace followers however you can get them these days.

2. Log into LinkedIn and list a career accomplishment as successfully being a one-man home-mover who has “proactively and quietly removed large luxury items from LinkedIn connections’ homes, while adhering to strict self-imposed deadlines.”

3. Log onto Dogbook, under your neighbor’s dogs account, to totally frame your neighbor’s dog, unaware that said dog, a.k.a. “McGruff The Crime Dog,” has kept up to date on crime fighting since the 1980s even though he is over 100 in dog years, and could have retired long ago.

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