Toronto Blogger Who Dates Men To Get Free Meals Kicked Off Jewish Dating Site For Faking Being Jewish

Yahoo reports that an aspiring Toronto actress has been dating men she is not interested in to get free meals at Toronto’s finest, and apparently not-so-finest restaurants.

She then blogs about the experience. Which doesn’t always work out because she got kicked off a Jewish dating site for faking being Jewish; and also went on a date with a man who knew about her blog and forced her to pay for the meal at the end of the date.

Hint: if you’re going to post these escapades on Tumblr, you might not want to post a photo of yourself frowning, with your CIBC credit card in your hand, facing the camera, as this aspiring actress apparently did.

3 Worse Things Than Someone Dating You To Get A Free Meal

1. Having to scour every internet dating site serving one of the largest cities in North America to try to find people to buy you free meals. If only Groupon offered a dating service, you could date like-minded cheapskates, on a giant group date, where everyone will order the special of the day: grouper sautéed in a fine this-is-going-to-be-embarassing-when-the-check-comes sauce.

2. Being an “aspiring” actress who is doing what real aspiring actors do: serving people at a restaurant, including, regrettably, an aspiring actress who does a dial-it-in job of pretending to reach for her purse at the end of a date she went on to get a free meal. Unfortunately, since she didn’t exactly hit it off with her date, that tip might not be so good.

3. Being an aspiring actress dating a man for a free meal, totally unaware that the man is such a good actor, that he is actually dead, just like in the Sixth Sense. If only you had tried talking to the man, you might have learned he was dead before you ordered a $500 bottle of wine! Or you might have learned he was an A list actor, who could help you with your acting career, if you weren’t so busy focussing all of your attention on getting free food.

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6 replies

  1. She should have just dressed up in a costume and gone trick-or-treating. It’s a perfect gig for a starving actress.


  2. Seems like when does finally find someone she likes, she will have lost all her own attractive attributes – bad karma at its finest


  3. Well, at least we know the extent of her IQ. And I know this will sound bitchy, but at least she is moderately pretty. You know, if you overlook the gaping hole where some self respect should be. I’m quite exasperated that someone actually came up with this idea and thought it ethical. Plus, oysters are gross… so why even bother?


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