Three More Things We’d Like To See Over Celebrities’ Mouths

Yesterday, we wrote about a Tumblr site that superimposes celebrity eyebrows over their mouths to resemble moustaches in a way that would make Rich Uncle Pennybags proud.

And then we listed some other things we’d like to see photoshopped over celebrity mouths. Here’s three more…

1. Crack pipe declaring “World’s Best Mayor” over Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s mouth. Please note: the world we are referring to is a world where giving someone a “World’s Best Mother” cocoa mug means that you and the other six million made-in-China mug recipients are the best of the best!*

2. The word “Bazinga” over the guy from Big Bang Theory‘s mouth. Spoiler alert: the smart nerd says “Bazinga” a lot, based on the commercials we’ve seen, yet is somehow not smart enough to know this is not witty. So why not give the CBS viewers what they want, and have the line ready to create laughs all the time on his face. “Why are you looking at me that way,” the character could say for six seasons while someone wrote “Bazinga” in magic marker on his face while he was sleeping.

3. @#$#$@! in a bubble over Q-bert’s mouth. Everyone will think Q-bert is swearing in frustration, after another fall off the pyramid. But little do they know, @#$#@! is Q-bert’s twitter address. Yes, Q-bert was ahead of his time. Also, as far as we can tell, he did not have a mouth, so putting words above his mouth will be as much of a miracle as his nose-swearing.

*and even better if you spent all day in a factory making mugs for cocoa you can’t afford to help support your children!

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