3 Academy Awards We Would Love To Give Rob Ford

CTV reports, in a video that can be seen here that Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, was picked up at LAX by Jimmy Kimmel, dressed as a chauffeur.

Ford will reportedly appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. But despite rumors to the contrary, the Toronto Sun reports that Ford is not at tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony.

That said, if he was there, here’s 3 awards we’d like to give Mayor Ford.

1. Best Actor – In A Leading Role. He is technically an elected “leader,” and certainly has put on a wide variety of acting performances on YouTube, and CBC news, including the classic “acting like he did not smoke crack” interview scene.

2. Best Supporting Bad Ideas Actor. From possibly reading and driving, to flying LA to apparently promote Toronto, Rob Ford has acted in many ways to support bad ideas.

3. Best Foreign Language Film. With a wide array of foreign languages spoken on YouTube videos, ranging from “Angry Indiscernible WWE Accent” to Jamaican Patois, Rob Ford has demonstrated his diverse range, including an apparent inability to understand Canadian English, given he has refused to leave office despite many apparent suggestions by those who speak Canadian to do so.

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  1. Best make-up – for cocaine powder on his nose?


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