It’s Not Halloween Yet, So Keep Your Gory Decorations And Free Range Chickens Off The Lawn!

HLN reports that an Oklahoma man’s choice of yard Halloween decorations, including decapitated fake bodies lead to a 9-1-1 call from a passerby, and a warning from the police.

Obviously the man doesn’t read our site or he would have read about the British man who also received a warning from the police about his gory decorations.

3 Worse Front Yard Halloween Decorations That Could Lead To A 9-1-1 Call

1. A Wax Figure Of Halle Berry playing a 9-1-1 operator in the movie the Call. Somebody call 9-1-1, because someone’s stolen Halle Berry’s career!

2. Republicans in Congress. According to a new CNN poll, 75% of Americans say the majority of Republicans in Congress don’t deserve to get reelected, so your house is totally gonna get egged! Quite possibly with non-genetically modified free range organic eggs! Which doesn’t become a potential 9-1-1 emergency until an angry free range chicken comes looking for her eggs.

3. Free range chickens. Because they’re called “Free range,” these things think they have a passport to go anywhere, from Paris, France, to breaking through your neighbor’s screen doors, pecking 9-1-1 on your neighbor’s phone, just like the game I Took A Lickin’ From A Chicken. Don’t recognize that reference? Then click on this YouTube video link.

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