10 Year-Old Steals Parents’ Car, Claimed To Be A Dwarf Who Forgot His Driver’s License

The Independent reports that a 10-year old Norwegian boy stole his parents car, drove into a ditch, and explained to a local snow-plow driver that he was a dwarf who forgot his driver’s license.

Nobody was hurt, so we can, without guilt, give you:

3 Worse Excuses A Ten Year-Old Can Use When Caught Driving A Car

1. “I thought drag-racing Justin Bieber was kosher here in Miami.”

2. “An adult was driving this car, but died of old age and decomposed into dust. Specifically, that adult was George Washington, and yes that’s how long I’ve been waiting here in Fort Lee, New Jersey to cross Mr. Washington’s bridge.”

3. “Grand Theft Auto made me do it. Just like earlier today Q-Bert made me swear after I fell off a pyramid.”

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  1. I missed the bus and my mom said if I missed any more school I was going to get grounded



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