9-1-1 Is Not A Joke (And For Our Japanese Readers, Neither Is 1-1-0)

Time reports that a man in Tokyo has been arrested after allegedly making 28,000 prank calls to the police.

28,000 Worse Ideas Than Prank Calling The Police

1. Prank calling the police from within the station. That would be soooooo 1970s When A Stranger Calls (or 2006 remake, either way, sooooo yesterday!)

2. Prank calling Sting from the Police, asking to speak to Roxanne (while singing “Roxanne”). Now you’re soooooo 1980s SNL sketch.

3  through 28000. Promising 28,000 worse things when you always intended to provide 3. (repeat typing this sentence 27997 times, then hit “publish!”). It seemed like a good idea until we realized all of the WordPress file space might disappear! And running out of storage space is sooooooo 2000s…. can anyone keep with the times in this article? Prank calls are soooooo 1950s, btw.


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  1. Law School Final Exam Question 101: How To Possibly Defend Alleged 28,000-Time 9-1-1 Prank Caller | NotTheWorstNews

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