Texas Couple Messes With Texas By Failing To Pay 14,000 Tolls

CNN reports that a couple from Texas has gone through a toll booth over 14,000 times without paying, resulting in a $236,000 bill including fines.

3 Excuses For Failing To Pay A Toll 14,000 Times

1. “Navigation system has lead us in circles for past four years – and by ‘navigation system’ we mean the kids’ maze on a placemat picked up at a Denny’s truck stop.”

This car is not afraid to mess with Texas!

This car is not afraid to mess with Texas!

2. “Our Google self-driving car apparently thinks we want it to self-drive out of the driveway when we’re in bed to search for a new engine. Ironic, a search engine literally searching for engines…LOL… please don’t make us pay the fine.”

3. “Testifying against the prison inmate who has now imprinted our vanity license plate ‘RotInJail’ 14,000 times for his 14,000 closest criminal friends appears to have been a bad idea.”

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