Life May Have Come From Meteorite On Mars. There Goes Your Life Came From Skittles Theory.

Yahoo reports that a study indicates life on Earth actually arrived on our planet via a meteorite from Mars.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. What would have happened if Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck were around when this meteorite was approaching? Would they have prevented the meteorite from hitting Earth just like in the movie Armageddon, ironically resulting in no life on Earth? (If this question is on a test that you intend to hand in during science class, we suggest writing “no” to this one, and thank the teacher for ripping off our question!)

2. Is smashing things into this planet the only way to get things done? (If you are a dinosaur writing this on a test that you intend to hand in during science class, we suggest putting down the test and watch Armageddon to figure out how to prevent asteroids from hitting the Earth immediately!)

3. “Does this mean I can blame Mars for all my problems?” Unless your problem is losing your keys on Mars, and Martians were too inconsiderate to take them out of the lost and found and put them on the nearest meteor to earth, no.

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  1. Actually, only half the human race has its origin in Mars. “Men are From Mars, Woman are From Venus.”


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