Will British Police Also Arrest JT For Singing “Cry Me A River?”

The Telegraph reports that a 25-year-old British man has been ordered to remove his Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed Halloween decorations from his lawn because they are making children cry. Ironically, the man had put up the decorations to raise money for charity, and charities not getting money make us cry!

Making People Cry Is Illegal? Time For The Police To Visit The Following People…

1. Whoever wrote the end to the movie My Girl.

2. Parents who decide to bring their babies on airplanes, and then have the nerve to put airbuds in their ears as they watch My Girl on their iPads,Β which of course, leads to the parents crying, too.

3. Whoever has made the often teary-eyed John Boehner cry over the years. This time we suspect it will be anyone dressed in a Halloween costume as a “Government Employee Who Got Paid To Do Nothing For Weeks Because the Republican Party Voted For That.”

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