Apple Introduces Everything!

Apple introduced a bunch of new products today, including the new iPad Air.

3 More Products We’d Like To See

1. iPhone Where? For when you stupidly set your phone to silent and then forget to turn it off silent, and then forget where you put your phone. Just yell at your phone, and Siri will tell you to “Look in your pocket [insert your name here]!”

2. iPhone Silent Treatment. For when you do everything in the previous paragraph, except swear at Siri and tell her she does look a bit fat in that outfit. Which was kinda dumb since you can’t see the outfit, since you can’t find the phone! (and even worse when you consider the outfit is your own pants, since the phone’s in your pocket – you just insulted yourself!)

3. iEar Hair. That’s when your grandpa tries to convince you his Fabio-esque dyed ear hair is actually cool headphones. That’s why your grandpa does not run Apple.

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5 replies

  1. If the iPhone Where could tell me where I put my keys as well as my phone, it would be perfect.


  2. Keep these articles coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.


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