Law School Graduates Suing Law Schools After They Can’t Find Jobs!

CNN reports that law schools are being sued in class-action suits across America after recent graduates have been unable to find jobs.

3 Worse Potential Lawsuits From Recent Law School Grads

1. Suing their former schools for not teaching a course entitled: “Suing a law school, where the smartest legal minds can help guide defense counsel, is always a bad idea!”

2. Suing the lawyers commencing the class action claims against the law schools for not hiring them at their firms after providing them with the dumb idea to sue law schools.

3. Suing their parents for not paying for the lifestyle that they became accustomed to as children, even though they still live at home with their parents for free because they couldn’t find jobs!

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3 replies

  1. Careful, or you will be sued next for making fun of them.


  2. #3 is a classic. So funny, it will probably come true.


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