Spiders Lead To Car Recall

Yahoo reports that Mazda is recalling 42,000 sedans because a certain type of spider loves the smell of gasoline, and the spiders’ webs block “evaporative canister vent lines.”

This increases the risk of a fire, however Mazda says it is unaware of any fires caused by this risk.

3 Questions For Spiders That Love The Smell Of Gasoline

1. Wouldn’t an old gas canister in the garage make a better home for you and your spider families than a moving vehicle? We just suspect that may make finding insects to eat easier than waiting for insects to avoid a speeding windshield and somehow navigate beneath the hood of a vehicle.

2. Are you worried about the rise of electric cars? If so, don’t you think the promise of fewer creepy spiders inside will help fuel even more electric car sales, making it even more difficult to find an appropriate spider home?

3. Does this mean that we have to worry about a massive spider attack during the next visit to the gas station? We already have enough to worry about between the signs saying not to use cell phones while pumping gas, to the signs telling us to discharge all of the static electricity from our sweaters before fuelling up.



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3 replies

  1. Or you can just add Raid to your gasoline.


  2. A while back there was an bunch of large poisonous spiders in the bananas from South America, but no one ever recalled the bananas.


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