Just In Case You’re Bored With Earth and American Idol, You Can Always Apply For A One-Way Ticket To Mars

The Week reports that a non-profit group in the Netherlands is seeking volunteers to participate in a reality TV show that intends to send participants on a one-way trip to Mars in 2023.

3 Groups Of People We Hope Are Not Selected For A One-Way Trip To Mars

1. Anyone who writes 10 paragraph reviews on TripAdvisor. If you complain that a Caribbean resort smells like “the ocean,” then you probably won’t enjoy spending the rest of your life on Mars, where temperatures have been recorded at around −161 °F.

2. Nickelback. While you may think this will mean less Nickelback music on planet Earth, this really may risk resulting in an entire planet of descendents of Nickelback and Avril Lavigne, and if an Asteroid ever strikes Earth, songs about Martian Sk8er Bois may be the last music left in the Universe.

3. The Tea Party. If you want to colonize Mars, it’s not the time to reduce spending on things like “creating an atmosphere” on Mars, no matter how out-of-control you may think Mars spending is.

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4 replies

  1. I’ll take my chances with sending all 3 to Mars.


  2. I particularly enjoy #3. I think you are right that Tea-partiers are not the best world-builders.


  3. I would go Mars in instant DON’t want to come back there is nothing here to come back to!


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