Facebook Introduces Graph Search, Which Allows You To See Which Of Your Friends Like The Same Nerdy TV Shows As You

CNET reports Facebook unveiled the latest thing it’s building today — Graph Search. CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly shows that Graph Search can answer burning queries like:

  • “Friends who like Star Wars and Harry Potter.”
  • “People named Chris who are friends of Lars and went to Stanford University,” and
  • ‘”My friends who live in Palo Alto, Calif., and like ‘Game of Thrones.”‘

Alas! Where was this technology decades ago during the Arsenio Hall show? This could have saved Arsenio money on writers by providing him with countless ways to tell us: “You know who those people over there are? Those are people who want to read about…”

3 More Notable Things People Could Search For On Facebook

1. “Which of my friends enjoy Venn diagrams and also spend 8 hours a day surfing Facebook at work?”

2. “I’m new to ‘coffee,’ but not-so-new to ‘peer pressure’ – which of my friends like this ‘Starbucks’ thing?”

3. “Which of my ‘friends’ I haven’t seen since grade one have done prison time for burglary, and also clicked that they “like” my vacation pics and Hawaiian status updates from today? P.S. in case anyone is secretly monitoring my Graph Searches or house, Aloha from Hawaii!”

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