Poll Says Congress Less Popular Than Nickelback, So Don’t Be Surprised If Nickelback Becomes U.S. Citizens And Runs For Congress

A Public Policy Polling poll has found that Congress has a 9% “Favorable” rating among respondents.

The poll also found that respondents had a less favorable opinion of Congress than cockroaches, root canals and Nickelback.

But good news, Congress! Respondents view you more favorably than Lindsay Lohan.

3 Ways Congress Could Become Less Popular

1. Create a trillion dollar coin to solve the debt crisis, with Nickelback on the front. If you’re going to put them on a coin, it should be the back of a nickel. Do some market research, people!

2. Create a tax credit for Lindsay Lohan movies. Oh, wait, they may have already done that.

3. Instead of passing laws, try to waterski over a shark, just like Fonzie.

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