American Retailers Plan To Open On Thanksgiving For Black “Friday”

CNBC reports that retailers including Sears and Wal-mart will open on U.S. Thanksgiving, with Wal-Mart opening at 8 pm.

3 Better Names For Black Friday

1. The “Hey-We-Know-It’s-Thursday-But-It’s-Friday-In-China-Where-These-Items-Were-Probably-Made” Sale

2. The-Holiday-Formally-Known-As-Thanksgiving-But-Now-Known-As-“Putting-Sales-Price-Stickers-On-Blu-Ray-Players-Instead-Of-Spending-Time-With-Your-Family-Day”

3. National Unload Blu-Ray Players And Other Technology Made Obsolete By Digital-Streaming Day

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2 replies

  1. I am not a fan, either. It is a fight for who opens first and gets the mighty dollar. Greed. And as you say….the retailer dumping the old stuff! 🙂


  2. I will be enjoying Thanksgiving with my family, and not thinking about shopping. I don’t even shop on black Friday. Those crowds are insane, and for what, cheap junk.


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