The Opposite Of Winning The Lottery… Or On The Very Bright Side, Maybe Not

Yahoo News Digest reports that a Canadian family from Saskatchewan received a million-dollar medical bill in Hawaii after the wife unexpectedly gave birth to a pre-mature baby during a vacation.

The family had purchased Blue Cross travel medical insurance, but their claim was apparently denied due to an alleged “pre-existing condition.”

3 Possible Bright Sides To This Situation

1. In 35 years the baby will be eligible to be President of the United States, which may provide a sufficient salary to help recoup these costs if they are ever paid.

2. If the baby becomes the next President of the United States they can try to pass a law that prevents insurers from denying coverage due to pre-existing conditions.  That kind of thing always works with no attempt to repeal it!

3. If the baby runs for President, it will be difficult for Donald Trump to argue that the baby wasn’t born in Hawaii, with all of the international media coverage and million dollar medical bill. Then again, it is difficult for Donald Trump to argue with a baby, so maybe the baby should challenge Trump to show his “Real Hair Certificate” immediately or else pay it a million dollars. Trump likes making those kind of bets with current and future Presidents, right?

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