Being On A Rock N’ Roll Cover Can Allegedly Ruin Your Life (Depending On The Results Of The Lawsuit)

The Mail reports that a British man who appeared on the cover of alt-rock band Placebo’s debut album in 1996 is suing the band for using the photo without his consent, and saying the photo ruined his life.

The man claims to have been popular, until the album came out, after which time he alleges he was bullied; had to be driven to school; had to drop out of school; and eventually became a chef, who was laid off.

Got that?

Not on top-selling rock album cover = popular.

On top-selling album cover = unpopular.

This kid clearly went to the wrong school. Although we might suggest the time to have made an issue of it with the band was when the album was out. Certainly Placebo could have showed up at the school and made the kid popular again.That’s how things work when kids wet their pants in Adam Sandler movies, and then Adam Sandler wets his pants to make them look cooler.

Anyway, we all know bullying is wrong, so bullies reading this, stop doing that, especially if you’re bullying people on the cover of rock albums, because in most cases they probably have better bodyguards than you.

3 Worse Places A School Kid Could Find Their Photo Advertising A Legal Product

1. On an-over-the-counter bottle for a placebo that promises to be the herbal remedy that makes kids cool. It won’t. Because it’s just sugar pills. Which, since your photo is on it, might lead to demands for money back for a product that you aren’t even getting revenues for.

2. On a Nickelback album cover. Come on, that has to inherently be worse, right?

3. On the album cover for Nirvana’s Nevermind. You think it’s embarrassing when your parents pull out the nude baby photos? Or today’s parents post them on Facebook since photo albums are obsolete? Imagine being a naked baby on one of the top-selling albums of all time. That kid reportedly says he got no royalties for the pic, which sucks, but he’s also an artist, so we’re guessing he’d call it art and say nevermind. Or sue later in life. You just don’t know. Give credit for album covers, recording industry! Especially now that they’re just a thumbnail on our iPods!

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  1. Great article! I hope you don’t mind my ten logging it on The Legal Standard.


  2. – these are awesome! She is goegrous and so are these portrait! And she totally does not look like that cat is giving her ANY trouble totally casual haha!


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