Budweiser Unveils High-Tech Cup That Makes Facebook Friends Just By Clinking Other Cups In A Bar, In Case You’re Wondering Where Those Clydesdale Facebook Friends Came From.

Fox News reports that Budweiser has unveiled a beer glass that connects to Facebook. All you have to do is get a special cup with a chip in it, called the “Buddy Cup” and then whenever you clink cups with anyone else in the bar, they become your Facebook Friends!

And the entire friendship via Buddy Cup gets recorded on your Facebook Timeline, if we’re understanding the video correctly! You can watch the video explanation here.

Yes, so next time you get drunk in a bar, you can give out all of your personal information to that stranger you will regret talking to the next morning. And all of your friends, grade-school paper-route co-workers, and current co-workers can find out just how many new friends you made last night, when you should have been working on the month-end report!

3 Questions You May Have For Buddy Cup

1. “If you’re so into technology, why didn’t you partner up with Google glasses first to prevent Beer-Goggle-induced friendships?”

2. Does Buddy Cup also have a chip to cut you off? Especially when you start slurring things like, “Hey, Buddy Cup, you’re my only really friend, right. You’re an alright Guy, Buddy Cup. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. Even a blog that thinks you’re a really bad marketing idea!”

3. “Why do I have 200 new Facebook Friends? What the hell happened last night?” you yell as you shake your fist at the air, “Buddddddddddddy Cup!”

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4 replies

  1. About the only better idea I can think of to beat the “Buddy Cup” would be some kind of “procreation chip” installed on a woman’s lips so every time she kissed a guy she got pregnant.

    Hey, I should work for Google.


  2. That cup-clink idea is so stupid- but I bet they’ll do it anyway and some people will love it.


    • We will not take that bet since they are apparently already doing it! We just hope the clinkers don’t use the Budweiser magnetic cups used at Major League Baseball games, or else their drinks will totally get stuck together, making the whole situation even more awkward!


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