Hotel Charges Guests For Bad Trip Advisor Review

CNN reports that a couple who gave a hotel in Northern England a bad review on Trip Advisor received an additional bill per the hotel’s policy: guests get $156 “fine” on their credit card for giving the hotel a bad review.

So congratulations, Broadway Hotel in Blackpool: you’ve given people everywhere a reason to give you an even worse review.

3 Type Of Trip Advisor Reviews We Would Like To See Result In Fines

1. Reviews of all-inclusive resorts that are ten paragraphs long and mention every staff member by name. It’s great that you spend your vacations learning the names of every employee, but you know by praising them all, it just sounds more like the hotel manager wrote the review.

2. Reviews that start by mentioning you’ve been to five-star hotels around the world. Not interesting. We want to see a review that starts with “I’ve stayed in every one-star hotel in New Jersey.” We bet that guy would have interesting stories.

3. Reviews claiming that the hotel experience ruined your wedding, honeymoon, birthday, or other special event. Unless the hotel somehow injured you or the hotel manager had an affair with your spouse, we really doubt a building can “ruin” these things. And if it does, stop staying in haunted hotels.

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  1. I have begun learning how to separate the wheat from the chaff with Trip Advisor reviews. Your list is helpful! People are picky sometimes, and one does have to somehow read in between the lines of what’s an appropriate beef and what is simply an excessive expectation.

    But good lord, this hotel in Blackpool is taking social networking revenge to a whole new level.


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