London Parents Who Didn’t Read Online Terms And Conditions Clicked To Give Up Custody Of Their Kids

QMI Agency reports that as part of an experiment to prove that nobody reads the terms and conditions they are asked to agree to online or using digital apps, a security firm gave free use of WiFi at a London public hot spot to six people who agreed to give up custody of their kids.

3 Terms And Conditions We’d Like To See To Access Free WiFi At A Hotspot

1. Because people sue companies for dumb things, like spilling coffee on themselves while distracted using free WiFi at a cafe hotspot, you agree not to sue us, so we don’t have to write multi-page terms and conditions.

2. Because companies let you use their online services for free, you agree to give them the right to share all of your personal information with marketers. Some marketers may be nosy people who know you and want to know whether they make more money than you.

3. This site will not give your personal information away to law enforcement, unless ordered by a Court to do so, or a quasi-Court, or someone delivering a cop-stripogram.

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  1. Okaaaay. What did I and 6 other people give up by clicking Like???


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