3 FAQs That May Arise From Adam Sandler’s Exclusive Four Movie Netflix Deal

USA Today reports that Adam Sandler has agreed to a deal to star in four movies exclusively produced for Netflix.

3 Frequently Asked Questions That We Expect May Arise From This Story

1. “Does this mean that Adam Sandler and his friends will try harder and make funny movies for the first time since the Wedding Singer was released in the 1990s, instead of just dialling it in?

We’re guessing with four movies in the pipeline, the answer is “no,” so enjoy more toddlers-peeing-on-things jokes!

2. “My seven-year old watched Grown Ups 2 over 100 times on Netflix. Is this his fault?”

Since Netflix decides what programming to buy based on what people watch, we’d say it was probably his fault, except you are the parent, so we blame you.

3. “Doesn’t Adam Sandler make over $20 million per movie? How is Netflix going to pay for this? Does this mean my subscription rate is going up?

There are many countries in the world that don’t even have Netflix. Countries like Spain. Where if 10 million people subscribe, his salary could, in theory, be paid in a month. So we also blame Spain, in addition to the kid in paragraph 2.

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