Plump In An Elevator

The Toronto Sun reports that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was about an hour late for a speech to an $89 a plate speech at the Economic Club of Canada because he was stuck in a freight elevator.

The Globe and Mail reports that Ford’s spokesman stated that there was no cell reception in the elevator.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Was this also one of those elevators that has no phones inside, or worse, when you open the tiny panel with a phone symbol on it, there are only some wires inside, connected to nothing? If so, this would be ironic for any mayor of a city stuck in an elevator if checking for phones is the job of city inspectors.

2. Who determined the $89 a plate price to see Rob Ford speak? He was speaking to economists, so did someone determine the extra $11 to an even $100 would seriously lead to over-supply of hearing a mayor speak who was recently seen in a YouTube video in a less-than-$89-a-plate fast food restaurant talking in a Jamaican Patois accent?

3. Is it ever a good idea to travel in a freight elevator when you are not “freight” or transporting freight? Imagine how late he would have been if he accidentally boarded a freight train bound for Saskatoon! 

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  1. Did the economists refuse to let him ride up the people elevator with them?


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