Microsoft Apparently Thought You Wouldn’t Like “Windows 9,” Introduces “Windows 10”

Reuters reports that Microsoft is following up “Windows 8” with “Windows 10,” skipping releasing something called “Windows 9” completely.

3 Comments At To Why This Makes Sense To Us

1. Skipping from 8 to 10 automatically is something Office seems likely to do when we are creating a document of consecutively numbered paragraphs.

2. Hey, if you own Windows 8, you better upgrade, because it sounds like you’ve already missed Windows 9. And who has heard bad things about Windows 9? Not you! They must have really improved their act!

3. Microsoft is creating a fun IQ test question to prove its marketers are geniuses. Question: Which is next in the following series 7, 8, 10….? Answer: scroll down below, math nerds!

I am filler so you can do a math question without a spoiler...

I am filler so you can do a math question without a spoiler…

Answer: Windows 13! Because 7+1=8;  8+2=10; and 10+3=13.

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  1. Or maybe Windows 9 just sucked so bad (even compared to other Windows versions) that they skipped straight to 10.


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