Blame Mom For That Hangover – It May Be Genetic And Not Just A Result Of The 14 Drinks You Had Last Night!

Yahoo News Digest reports that an Australian study indicates that whether you may be prone to hangovers may be about half-genetic. So if you are hungover from 14 drinks last night, definitely blame your parents for the last seven drinks, without which you may not have been hungover today.

The study involved examining whether people, including twins, got hangovers after drinking the same amount the night before.

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Does this explain why so many action movie characters are hungover the day they have to save the world? We’re looking your way Keanu Reeves in Speed; Bruce Willis in one of the Die Hard sequels; and Randy Quaid in Independence Day. Your every-man post-drinking heroics are less impressive knowing you may not even get hangovers.

2. Hey Australian scientists, given there was drinking going on, are you really sure those twins didn’t change things up to screw up your study? This might explain why genetics is only responsible half the time: because half the time you were talking to the wrong person.

3. What about conjoined twins? That sure would be a rip-off if your irresponsible conjoined twin got drunk, and there’s a 50% chance you get a hangover, and they don’t.

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