What On God’s Green Earth Is “Organic Chicken Flavor?!”

This is the first piece in our new ongoing series entitled #MysteryIngredients, where we will read the labels of various products: and ask “What on God’s Green Earth is that?!”

Today, as many of us try to be healthy (but not healthy enough to become vegetarians) we look at the ingredients of some organic chicken broth.

organic chicken flavour

We feel healthier knowing there is some “organic chicken” mixed in with this “organic chicken flavor!”

The most mysterious flavor is called “Organic Chicken Flavor.” Ooohh-la-la, sounds fancy. So let’s make fun of this item by guessing what it could possibly mean.

3 Sarcastic Possible Definitions of “Organic Chicken Flavor”

1. “It tastes just like organic chicken! But is actually made of chickens that inadvertently wandered onto a smartphone assembly line in China.”

2. “Made with parts of a chicken we’re not legally allowed to call chicken. Like discarded eggshells from organic eggs. Eggshells were once “a part” of a chicken, right?”

3. “Some other animal we’re legally allowed to call “organic” because it was raised without steroids or hormones. Like an alligator, which like many animals, totally tastes like chicken. And can we all agree the world is a safer place with fewer alligators on steroids?”

Have a more sarcastic or legit possible definition of “organic chicken flavor?” Post it in the comments below!

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  1. This made me laugh out loud – looking forward to more!

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  2. When meat is boiled, the juices that mingle with the water to form soup stock is often referred to as “the flavor.” Ask any grandmother who uses soup bones.


  3. I’d also like to know why “organic chicken broth” is just one of the ingredients of organic chicken broth.

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