Careful When Swiping Your Facebook Newsfeed In India!

Engadget reports that a southwestern state in India has declared that retweeting or “liking” “blasphemous” material on social media can land you in jail for 90 days, without even appearing before a magistrate.

3 Lousy Ways To End Up In Prison In India By Accidentally “Liking” Something

1. Accidentally swiping “like” while out drinking with a group of real friends that does not include the person whose comment you liked. You haven’t even spoken to that person since grade three, except when they drunkenly sent you a Facebook friend request on a Friday night.

Remember: friend requests during evening hours on weekend nights are probably from drunk people. So look carefully at their profiles to ensure they’re not the type of drunk people who indicate “drunken blasphemy” is one of their interests.

2. Your jeans’ pocket accidentally swiping “like” on blasphemous material. That sucks. Your pocket is totally going to deny it did that in Court in 90 days.

3. Your mom who borrowed your iPhone, who always touches the screen with her cheeks while on calls just unknowingly liked all kinds of blasphemous stuff on Facebook, and ordered you a cab on Uber. Hopefully it’s not a cab bound for jail – you could have totally got a ride there for free.

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  1. Liked this post, so let’s see how long I can stay out of jail.

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