LA Times Not Printing Letters From Climate Change Sceptics, What Does Fox News Have To Say About That?

The LA Times, citing  the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a body of climate scientists that “said it was 95% certain that we fossil-fuel-burning humans are driving global warming” has decided not to print letters to the editor suggesting there is no evidence of the correlation.

This is now a story on the Fox News main page, where Fox News was able to find a professor to quote as saying “…the LA Times should be ashamed of itself…”

3 Questions That Arise From This Story

1. Is it really a good idea to get in a debate with someone from Los Angeles as to whether all the cars driving around the city might be impacting the environment? Our guess is that someone suffering from mild road rage during standard 6 pm Saturday night rush hour on the 101 might have a thing or two to say in response, assuming they could see who they were debating through all the smog.

2. Even if you don’t believe in climate change, is burning all of the fossil fuels in the world still not a bad idea, in part because you’ll run out of fuel? Without fuel, we are totally never going to be able to build a colony on Mars, or at least pay Miley Cyrus to go entertain the locals there instead of here. We won’t even be able to send her up the 101 to Disneyland in Anaheim to try to use our Hannah Montana life-size cut-out receipts to exchange her for a less annoying celebrity cut-out.

3. People still read letters to the editor in newspapers? Don’t they know literally hundreds of opinions are free on internet message boards? Even the one below! Feel free to write your own counterpoints!

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5 replies

  1. Could we send Fox News there too?


  2. In a related story… Fox is promising full coverage of Bigfoot sightings, ships sailing off the edge of the ocean and Martian landings. “Someone’s got to provide fair and balanced reporting!” an obviously outraged Sean Hannity proclaimed. “Otherwise this country will be setting policy according to science!”


    • Very true. We are tired of the unfair and unbalanced secret agenda the Weekly World News is operating under to run the above stories. (We think the secret agenda is to distract grocery shoppers at the check out counter, so they don’t see the real Bigfoot in aisle 6).


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