5 Foot Long Worm Found Near Volcano

Yahoo reports that a five-foot long worm was found near a volcano in Equador.

From the article:

“it’s been identified [by a web site forum] as a Martiodrilus crassus, which is Latin for ‘worm which feeds on dogs and small children.'”

3 Worse Baby Names For A Giant Worm

1. “Worm which feeds on breakdancers while they are doing the ‘Worm.”

2. “Worm that feeds on Breakdancers 2: Electric Boogaloo.”

3. “Worm spit out of volcano because even the volcano was afraid of this thing that will certainly devour you whole.”

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  1. watched this with my 9 year old grandson. Fascinating and gross at the same time. Always interesting stories- thanks!


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