Restaurant Blames Smart Phones On Slower Service

Dineability reports that according to information on Cragislist, a NYC restaurant compared surveillance tapes of its establishment from 2004 to 2014 and found…

…that people using smart phones, including to ask the wait staff help them connect to WiFi; taking photos of their meal; and asking wait staff to take photos of them with their smart phones; are causing the many smart-phone caused delays slowing down restaurant service.

While we suspect this may be tongue-and-cheek, here are:

3 More Ways Restaurants Can Blame New Technology On Bad Service

1. Fear of bad reviews on Yelp lead to restauranteurs wasting time providing the opposite of bad service. (Which wastes valuable time!)

2. Restaurant which previously relied on efficient, high-tech, German technology, has been unable to rely on said technology recently, since it was used to create a team of robots to win the World Cup.

3. Open Table app saves restaurant time of taking phone calls and writing down reservations. Which means there’s plenty more time to blame people for using their smart phones to slow down service.

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