Alleged Burglar Forgets To Log Out Of Facebook After Allegedly Robbing House

Reuters reports that a man was charged in Minnesota after allegedly burglarizing a house, logging into his Facebook account on a computer in the home, and leaving his account logged in prior to leaving the scene.

3 More Dumb Things Burglars Could Do On Social Media While Robbing A Home

1. Log on to Pinterest and Pin the items they would like to steal from the home.

2. Send Snapchat videos to the police, taunting them to guess which house they are robbing before the images “disappear.”

3. Snapping their fingers, in hopes that a ghost will appear and help them pin actual safety pins to items in the house, because they don’t quite get how social media works when you rob a haunted house.

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  1. There’s also posting a selfie “check this out I’m robbing this guys house” and trying to friend the homeowner.


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