Mashed Potatoes Close U.K. Highway

QMI agency reports that a U.K highway was closed Saturday after a truck “shed its load” of instant mashed potatoes.

3 Worse Uses Of Instant Mashed Potatoes

1. To block and close a bridge leading out of New Jersey, with mashed potatoes to punish constituents of an area that was reportedly against Chris Christie. Why is that a worse use? Because like anyone would believe Chris Christie would just give away delicious mashed potatoes without a conspiracy!

2. Add slippery sausages to the highway. We know people from the United Kingdom like “bangers and mash,” but we predict even the most jaded U.K. cops will not believe any story that a fender-bender was caused by “bangers.” Especially since “Bangerz” is totally associated with American Miley Cyrus after her song by the same name.

3. Allowing the “instant” mashed potatoes to join a group of “take-forever-to-make” mashed potatoes. (Shhh…. the recipe for these mashed potatoes is to mash them using a potato masher, alone in your apartment, while the people throwing the party you were not really invited to, buy store bought mashed potatoes in a bag.)


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