Starbucks Gets Latest Tech That Doesn’t Work With Latest Tech

CNN reports that Starbucks is going to offer wireless phone recharging.

It works without any special case for phones you’ve never heard of… and requires a special case if you use an iPhone or current Samsung Galaxy.

In other words, the people who don’t really care about this technology, will somehow care about these charging pads, which will be located in the tables.

3 More Things We’d Like To See At Starbucks

1. Wireless baby monitors. Sure, we’d hear babies crying from a far, but better than right next to you. And especially better than a baby sitting next to you on a wireless charger. Do these chargers charge baby diapers? We don’t want to know.

2. More people in sweatpants. Because Starbucks is the same thing as an airplane: people killing time looking at electronic devices, while toddlers disrupt whatever they are trying to accomplish. All of that with lower fares, no stopovers, and no unpacking suitcases when you leave.

3. Fewer people in sweatpants (applies to Starbucks locations in airports). Everything in moderation, people!


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