Waffle House Refuses To Let Waitress Keep Large, Non-Waffle Tip

Yahoo reports that a waitress at Waffle House received a $1,000.00 tip from a customer, but was told she was not allowed to keep it, as company policy is that waitstaff are only allowed to keep large tips given in cash or personal checks. With the help of the media, the woman located the tipper, who wishes to remain anonymous, and gave her a check for $1,000.00.

3 Worse Tips To Receive At Waffle House

1. Note on receipt saying: “What a rip off. I was expecting this to be a house made of waffles. If you don’t want to be sued for false advertising, I suggest you put some giant waffles over those exterior walls.”

2. Legal papers for frivolous lawsuit for walls of restaurant not being made of waffles.

3. Note on receipt saying: “I told you so. Here’s another verbal tip, instead of money: when a patron enters your establishment dressed as a judge with a waffle-head, pay attention!”

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